August 19, 2014




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… Imagine our youth looking around the corner for a better life instead of standing on a corner fighting for life…

SYC accepts that encouraging young people, who feel discounted, dismissed and discouraged to refocus their thoughts and trust the knowledge that they have, and to believe that their knowledge is good enough to make a positive change in their lives. Our vision is for young men and women attitudes to change from reactive and critical to active and creative.

Why is there so much Youth Violence? Why are our youth hurting so much?

The answer is, “We don’t have a clue.”

What we do know is that two things can’t occupy the same space: Negative and Positive

Our Strategy: Wherever we find empty space to fill it with something positive (any neighborhood and any vacant space we could get permission to use), in an effort to push negativity out.

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We have decided to combat the violence in our city aggressively by being the obdurate force that connects the community with its youth. SYC believes that authentic engagement implies a willingness to identify and assess each person’s assets, challenges, resource needs and level of support in the “frame work” of identified goals and/or dreams.

Savannah Youth City’s approach is rooted in the concrete realities of the youth with which we partner. We understand that the ‘now’ with which they struggle is connected to the ‘then’ of their past but their past is relevant only to the degree that it helps to achieve the realization of the goals which they set today. If our youth partners develop good ways of identifying what’s in their best interest, what they have to work with (assets and liabilities), who they have in their ‘corner’ and how to identify opportunities, we think we can then say, “We are on it”.


Savannah Youth City wants to join forces with businesses, leaders, churches and organizations and give them an opportunity to bring what positive they have to these neighborhoods that have adapted negative behaviors and actions. We intend to bring positive energy as well as light to young women and men who have succumb to a negative way of living.

Ignite Change travels throughout the greater Savannah area to ignite positive change in our most turbulent communities and the necessary momentum to make the endeavor a reality. The campaigns target some of the areas that need the most Community Support throughout every corner of Savannah Georgia. We provide raffles tickets, prizes, live entertainment and refreshments as well as employment, educational and mental health resources to our target communities.

Savannah Youth City’s Ignite events are free and open to the community. It’s also one of those two birds with one stone ordeals in that we provide young entrepreneurs between the ages of 17 and up a free space to sell and showcase their products and services. Any profits they earn are theirs to keep; they don’t pay us a dime of it.

Ignite is also an opportunity for businesses, leaders, officials, churches, and other organizations to engage youth to educate, empower and speak positively. This event is held regularly normally on weekdays during the summer and holidays and weekends during school season.

Come out and support!