November 16, 2017

Gun Education

Educating, informing, and creating a greater focus on young people and the effects of gun violence in Savannah

Young people are often caught up in and affected by violence in Savannah, but are rarely a part of the conversation to reach a solution. Yet, one of the biggest influences on young people is other young people.

So we designed a platform to ask questions and create an environment to talk about ways to curb acts of violence in our community.


Conversations like this can bring young people to the table to be creative instead of reactive. This dialogue paired with good initiatives, conflict resolution, intervention, and “more carrot and less stick” can cultivate solutions that can be used as a vehicle for young citizens to curb the acts of youth gun violence.


To schedule a gun education workshop, email: or call 631-565-5989.

To learn more about our gun buyback program, please click here.